Poems about School

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Poems about School

The University Of life and Hard Knocks
That's the one That I know about;
The blackboard rubber whizzing around my head
As I vaguely heard the teacher shout.

If you don't listen to me my girl
You'll be for the high jump just you wait and see;
I didn't know that was a satirical remark as
I'm not very good at sports they terrify me.

So I really did try in the history of science
But it was all to no avail;
I thought I'd have to scrub floors all day
or I'm going to land in jail.

I later on in life have studied
Got to be a tutor in the end;
Who would have thought it right back then
As I drove them all around the bend.


The Economics of Education
What price education
when you now need a degree
to work in a call-centre,
or a smattering of A levels
to sit behind a desk,
or a string of GCSEs
to flip burgers and pour pints?
What price education
when Society's Successes
do jobs you've never heard of,
somewhere in the City, or score
goals for Premier Football clubs,
or enjoy the fruits of fame, simply
because they're famous?
What price education
when the school you go to matters
so much more, than your ability,
when the value of networking skills
is taught in all the better prep-schools,
and the corridors of power all seem
to lead from the Eton Mess?
And what price education
if you make into college, and emerge
now heavilly in debt, but with promise
of quite reasonable interest rates
to reflect your modest earnings,
or even possible non-repayment, because
you'll never make enough to pay?

Poems about School

Falling Asleep in Class

I fell asleepin class today
as I ws awfully bored.
I laid my head upon my desk
and closed my eyes and snored.

I woke to find a piece of paper
sticking to my face.
I'd slobbered on my textbooks
and my hair was a disgrace.

My clothes were badly rumpled
and my eyes were glazed and red.
My binder left a three ring
indebtation in my head.

I slept through class,and probably
I would have slept some more,
except my students woke me
as they headed out the door.
Kenn Nesbitt


You may have noticed teacher
That I'm not in class today;
But the wireless mic upon my desk
Will record each word you say.

Switch on my laptops webcam
When you have something to show,
And if you pass out homework
Find my fax number below.

I've a pager and a cell phone
So I won't be hard to reach.
Since I don't need to be in class
I'll do lessson's at the beach

Poems about School

School - A Training for Life

For what I wrote on the toilet walls
regarding the head-master's daughter
I got suspended for a week
though my persistence did not falter.
They called it unsubstantiated,
declared it was a libel,
but my source was unimpeachable.
I'd swear that on the bible.

Then they caught me bugging teachers' phones
And black-mailing my tutor.
I knew at once what was coming then.
Well, I'd hacked the Head's computer.
They really left me with no choice.
and I knew I wouldn't be missed
so I took my skills to Fleet Street
and became a journalist.


My so called school friends
Turned into bullies later on;
I thought that I was one of them
But the wrong side of town I was from.

They wore the originals
I only had the copies;
They smirked and called me names
As I was one of  their accessories.

I felt sick with shame
My inner self just broke in half;
Its taken years to recover
But all they did was laugh!


Uniforms whoever thought
That they would look good in green;
We hitched them up and flattened down
Trying never to be seen.

Stripey dresses in the summer
Stood out like a sore thumb;
Green flies we were called
And that was by everyone.

I only liked my maths
No other subjects touched the side;
And as for homework
Well I just couldn't that abide.

Three hours extra every night
You've got to be joking me;
I've already suffered seven
Why oh why? I just couldn't see.

The point apparently was to train
My poor little brain so hard;
That I would eventually become
A clever sod and be avant garde.


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Poems about School