Funny Birthday Poems

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Funny Birthday Poems

Today you're 40
That's well over par
You pulled out your driver
and whacked it so far
Into the woods the foliage so dense
To get it in the hole would be just immense
Out of the rough and into the bunker
But if you don't sink this putt you're right royal plonker


Growing old with dignity is a classy thing to do - but the way you are doing it seems more fun.


Well you’ve reached the age of 60
So all I need to say
Is buy an enormous handbag
You’ll need it from today
Buss pass, false teeth, glasses
And your pension
But make a list as you’ll soon lose
your power of retention
You have reached that certain age
Where it’s acceptable to be
Grumpy and complaining
About everything you see
So get your zimmer ready
There are ankles to assault
And practise your sweet smile
As you tell them its their fault


I counted all those candles
The one's upon your cake
The tables looking heavy
I think the legs will break!

I wonder just how old you are
Those candles burn so bright
The wax is dripping every where
It took all day to light!

Each year your cake gets bigger
It's bright the heat is strong
The flame will singe your eyebrows
If you stand too close for long!

Your cakes now fully loaded
One more candle one more year
Next year will be different..

(inside card)
...we`ll add another TIER...

Funny Birthday Poems

No matter what happens
we'll always have
the same weird thing in common...



It's your birthday,
so look on
the bright side...
...anywhere within
five miles of your
cake would qualify.

Happy Birthday


Men are just like chocolates
Us girls know that is true
Found in bars they don't last long
Enough to satisfy you
And on that thought
Happy Birthday


There may be many wrinkles
that can't be ironed out.
but every one's a story
of that there is no doubt.

So on this milestone birthday
just think about the pluses,
lots of pension discounts
not forgetting free travel on the buses.

So welcome to the 60's
my friend it's not so bad.
It has it's compensations
of which you will be glad.
So Happy 60th Birthday & have a great day
doing what you do best in your own special way.

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