Birthday Poems for Daughter

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Birthday Poems Daughter

A special day, a special year
and so this brings to you...
Warm congratulations
and the best of wishes, too...
For you're a special Daughter
and no matter what the day...
You're thought about with lots more love
than any words can say.

With Love
on your
Special Day


My Daughter
you are a beautiful person
with a full range of emotions,
ideas and goals.
I want you to know that
no matter what you do,
what you think,
or what you say
you can depend on
my support and love

Happy Birthday


To a beautiful daughter
With a passion for fashion.
You do so many thoughtful things
For others through the year,
You have a way of lifting spirits
And filling hearts with cheer.
So I know this day's just perfect
To make a wish for you,
For all the good things you deserve
Each day the whole year through.
Happy birthday!

Birthday Poems Daughter

To our special daughter
From the moment you were born,
We knew what love was really about.
We loved you more than anything,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The bond we felt was unbreakable
And instantly we knew,
That we would spend eternity
Thanking god for our miracle….you.
Time has quickly passed us by,
And now you’re quite a little lady
But in our eyes you will always be,
Our precious little baby.
One day in the future,
God will bless you with a miracle too.
Then you know the depth of love,
That we will always have for you.
We will be here for you always,
Forever and a day.
Loving you unconditionally,
Every step along the way.
Happy Birthday!


The first time I saw you my heart was a flutter
You looked at me as if you'd been here before;
You've wound me round your little finger
My feet have never touched the floor.

Each stepping stone from a crawl to a totter
The first time you said Dada my knees gave way;
Your giggle along with your wiggle
You only have to smile at me to this very day.

The years have flown your all grown up
And you are now leaving your teens;
So life is like a box of chocolates
And there's very few in betweens.

You will always be the eldest ....
You will always be the first;
So break a leg my love (ironic)
And go and drown your thirst!

Your love of life and your humor too
Has won you many friends;
So enjoy this birthday with them
I'll see you when it ends.

Big Hug and Love from DAD on your Birthday!!
Maggiemay 2011