Birthday Poems for Kids

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Birthday Poems for Kids

Transformers that's what you want to be
I sometimes wish you were too;
But really you will always be
My little boy and I love you!

Aw! Mom don't talk to me like that
Not in front of the others;
It's bad enough when we're at home
In front of all my brothers.

So new skateboard and to the park
That's where the actions at;
I'll show you the new moves I've got
Don't worry there's a safety mat.

Olympics here I come
This will get there in the end;
There's lots of new sports now you know
To drive you round the bend.

Thank you Mom for this birthday gift
I'll look after it like it's gold;
And I will keep it all the time
Until it's very old.


Princess Barbie
thinks you're sweet
that's why she's come this way.
To bring you lots of wishes
for a fun and happy day!

Happy Birthday

Birthday Poems for Kids

Cake and Ice cream
Candles and Balloons
Joy and Laughter
Family and Friends
Gifts and Surprises
Time for celebration
!! TO YOU !!


Because today's your Birthday
and your so special too,
everything that's happy,
is being wished for you.

Have a lovely day


Hope lots of nice presents,
surprises and fun.
Help to make your Birthday
An Extra Happy One!

Have a Super


Clowns and poppers,balloons and fizz
The party will go with a whizz;
The trip to the pony club and the extra mile
Should keep you all happy for a while.

Have a fantastic Birthday Kids